Safe Solutions!

AXIS Cyber Security

Axis Communications is a provider of cyber security solutions as well as products such as security cameras and network devices. Axis Communications...

Milestone Healthcare Solutions

Milestone Systems offers Milestone XProtect Healthcare, a customized video management software for the healthcare industry.

Work safety with AI

Camera solutions for work safety can be used to monitor activities in workplaces, identify safety risks and monitor personnel in the workplace.


Axis Zone/Division 2 Camera

Axis Communications announces the world's first explosion-proof camera designed for Zone/Division 2 hazardous areas...

Milestone Rapid Review

What is XProtect Rapid Investigation? As a security operator, you are responsible for providing rapid response and evidence when an incident occurs.

Milestone XProtect Storage Bridge

Instant Disaster Recovery and Unlimited Extension Never run out of space, optimize your costs Make modest local storage space a non-issue.

Axis Thermometric Camera

Axis Communications has announced the launch of a new thermal camera for monitoring temperatures. For patrolling large sites...

Avigilon Alta Contactless access solutions

To unlock using automatic door unlocking systems The health and safety of all employees, staff and visitors is paramount in a workplace....

Axis Radar Fusion Camera

Axis Communications has launched a state-of-the-art deep learning-powered object detection system based on the combination of two powerful technologies: video and radar.




Why Axis?

AXIS cameras have some features such as high quality image quality, wide angle lenses, wide dynamic range, face recognition technology...

Why Milestone?

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform-based video management software (VMS) solutions and is a preferred choice for many reasons.

Why Bilge Technology?

As a company, we have been serving in our sector since 2003, we have an experienced and expert staff in weak current and ip video solutions.